Dr. Shakti Swaroop


Why choose foot and ankle specialist

Why choose Foot and Ankle Specialist

Persistent pain after an episode of ankle pain is commonly associated to a accessory bone in your foot Or a ligament injury or a abnormal connection in you foot bones which breaks and continues to hurt as it is very commonly missed. We have come across many patients who come with chronic ankle pain after a twisting injury and there is a persistent pain and swelling which fails any kind of treatment. We learn not much in detail about foot and ankle conditions in our basic orthopaedic training thus miss out on sublte causes that create so much problems for our patients. However, a subspeciality of orthopaedic is foot and ankle and has made massive strides in solving foot and ankle problems. It is very important to diagnose correctly and give the ideal treatment for such conditions. Here at foot and ankle ortho we promise that we give you a thorough examination and detailed hearing to your foot, ankle and all orthopaedic problems so that you are treated in the best way. Simple x-rays and examination with the need of mri sometimes can actually solve your chronic pain and you can walk back in a normal way.

Foot and ankle specialist is being recognised as a sub speciality of orthopaedics which was long neglected and many patients kept on complaining of chronic foot pain. We deal with painful and the most subtle foot and ankle problems be it heel pain, Achilles pain, flat foot, foot deformity, ankle pain and foot pain.

Many people think that having foot pain is normal but that is not correct and others think it must be vitamin deficiency, thyroid or uric acid. But it’s always not right. We take injections and do physiotherapy but sometimes the pain persists and you fail to understand why this is happening that is when you need to contact a foot ankle specialist and get the right way to treat yourself.

Many patients go to the wrong specialist some go to neurology, some go to medicine, some go to physiotherapist and some go to pain specialist. Eventually I have seen many patients coming to us and getting actually to know the reason for the pain and its permanent solution.