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Preventing Recurrent Ankle Sprains – Footankleortho

Preventing Recurrent Ankle Sprains – Footankleortho

A not very common condition in children is coalition. Tarsal bone coalition is present in 1-2% population and is quite uncommon conditions. Coalition means that two bones in your foot which are suppose to be separated from each other naturally have failed to separate when we are in born. These connections can be fibrous/cartilaginous/ bony. They present in 12-15 year age group as ankle pain, Flat Feet Treatment and repeated ankle sprain which does not heal.

Most commonly we come across calcaneonavicular coalition and less common are talocalcaneal coalition. These coalitions lead to decreased flexibility and gait problems. These conditions are present since birth but present with pain and problems when the child reaches the age of 12-15. These symptoms start once the ankle is twisted and pain persists for long with no relief with medications. These conditions need to be diagnosed early which can be done by clinical examination or X rays.

Simple treatment like life style modifications, rest immobilization can help. Plasters crepe bandage depending on the intensity of pain can be applied and most symptoms subside.

However long term problems like foot arthritis, persistent pain after adequate immobilization and rest need more than just conservative treatment and we may need to excise the abnormal connection or fuse the joints.