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Dr. Shakti Swaroop is a dedicated and methodical orthopedic specialist with exclusive expertise in the field of orthopedics. He has received extensive training in joint replacement surgery at prestigious high-volume centers like Max Super-specialty Hospital (Delhi), Homerton University Hospital (London), and Robotic and navigation knee replacement surgery at Fortis Hospital (Jaipur). Dr. Shakti Swaroop is known as the best foot and ankle specialist in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.


His dedication towards his own people motivated him to move to Odisha where he served at AIIMS, Bhubaneswar (Consultant). He is also a Fellowship trained foot and ankle surgeon with a specific skill set in dealing with foot and ankle problems which is unique in Odisha.

In the process, he has experience in operating a large number of successful joint replacement surgeries, revision surgeries, and foot and ankle surgery. He has a high success rate in dealing with any orthopedic problems in his clinic as well as the operating room and always strives for the best results to bring a lasting smile to his patients. With Dr. Shakti Swaroop, a highly experienced foot and ankle specialist, your feet are in good hands at the foot and ankle clinic in Bhubaneswar.

Dr Shakti Swaroop has completed his advanced surgical training at the Kings College Hospital London with specific training in the foot and ankle unit where he routinely participated in diabetic foot deformity reconstructions, ankle replacements and other foot and ankle procedures. It’s a high-volume center where Dr Shakti participated in many surgical procedures and surgical planning, his clinical and surgical knowledge was applauded by his peers. His desire to serve his patients better with the latest knowledge and surgical procedures has always motivated him to gain experience from abroad.

Dr Shakti Swaroop

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It's about time. It's about your health. It's time to talk about foot and ankle problems. Get the best foot and ankle surgery at Bhubaneswar.

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Experienced, and committed to providing the best foot and ankle care you deserve. 

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Experienced, and committed to providing the best foot and ankles care you deserve.

We must understand that pain is the disease and that disease is causing the pain so we must concentrate and try to treat the disease instead of taking analgesics. Ankle pain and swelling can have many reasons from simple ones to complex ones. However, most common causes are degeneration of joints or tendons secondary to deformity and misaligned bones other causes are injury (fracture/ ligament), infection, and overuse. We must get to the root cause of pain and treat it but for that, an expert needs to diagnose your foot and ankle problem.  
Well, that’s a very difficult question as it takes for a foot and ankle expert, lot of experience and a good conversation with the patient to know the exact history complimented with a thorough examination of the patient’s foot and ankle. These usually lead to a diagnosis and just needs a confirmation with an imaging procedure (X-Ray/MRI). Diagnosing foot and ankle problems is a mystery we love to solve.
Well, that’s a very difficult question as it takes for a foot and ankle expert, lot of experience and a good conversation with the patient to know the exact history complimented with a thorough examination of the patient’s foot and ankle. These usually lead to a diagnosis and just needs a confirmation with an imaging procedure (X-Ray/MRI). Diagnosing foot and ankle problems is a mystery we love to solve.
Retrocalcaneal bursitis, Insertional Achilles, Tendiopathy, Haglund syndrome, Plantar fasciitis, Stress fracture, Tendinopathy, Nerve entrapment, Joint pathology, Flat foot / deformity, Degenerative arthritis, Accessory bones, Ligament injuries/tears, Bone tumors
They are specifically trained in treating the complex structure of the foot and ankle with in-depth knowledge of the intricate anatomy and
biomechanics. They are a rare breed of orthopedic
surgeons with expertise in the area of foot and ankle as it is difficult for many to understand the exact site of pain generator in the foot and ankle area leading to chronic relentless pain hampering activities. It the latest upcoming super specialty in orthopedics with very few trained foot ankle surgeons. They can help diagnose accurately and treat your foot and ankle pain with lasting relief. If you have foot and ankle problems search for the best foot and ankle doctor near me.

People with flat feet have no arch in their feet or one that is very low. When a person is standing walking or running, flat feet can affect the position. It can be caused by varieties of factors including injuries, obesity, arthritis, aging, or genetic disorder. Get flat feet treatment at Foot Ankle Ortho Clinic.


Dr. Shakti swarup. Very nice experience. Nice and courteous treatment. Got relief from severe shoulder pain after getting advice and treatment.his advice and explanation for my shoulder pain was fabulous. it helped me in getting over the pain very quickly. Really great full

Sarmistha Patnayak

Good setup, very polite and we’ll behaved doctor. Very precise assessment and I m out of pain. All thanks to Dr Shakti

Sabyasachi Mohapatra

Dr Shakti swaroop, ortho is a wonderful doctor and had been there for my relative ortho problem .By his correct diagnosis and treatment she is doing really fine now. staff over there are also good enough.without a second thought go for the clinic and doc.

himani mohapatra

Shakti Swaroop is attentive and empathetic of patient’s afflictions. My mother went to the clinic for knee pain and he treated her with patience and compassion. The clinic was neatly maintained as well and all the services provided were immaculate. My mother’s pain is almost gone with the right prescription of medications and wealth of guidance on how to manage it. I am extremely grateful to Shakti for his methodical and humane approach to treatment

Knight Rider

I was not able to simple walk due to my ankle injury and walking for me was very important for me. But Dr. Shakti Swaroop and team did some magic by treating me well. In just few days I am walking across India because of his treatment and guidance. I am really grateful to the doctor and their team

Kiran Verma

I was very impressed with the diagnosis by Dr Shakti Swaroop for my knee pain and the line of treatment he suggested. He heard my symptoms patiently and questioned me further before pronouncing his diagnosis. My knee pain has reduced substantially following the medication he prescribed

Soumitri Das

My mother having arthritis and back problem…when I visited SimpleeKare clinic and meet Dr. Shakti Swaroop,by taking his treatment of medicine and guidance, now my mother will walking properly and she do her daily work..Thanks to Dr.shakti Swaroop and his caring like family member of us. Every time he responds well in online also.

Debabrata Mishra

Dr. Shakti is an excellent doctor. He performed a surgery on my mom’s broken ankle. Despite her age and the nuts and bolts put in, she recovered very quickly and no in time was able to start walking by herself. All credit to Dr. Shakti for her quick recovery. He is one of the best out there. Thanks for such a great care.

Sourabh Shrivastava

I am walking 21,000 kms for the awareness of blood donation in India. During my walk I got meet many injuries and was not sure if I would be able to walk or not.

Dr. Shakti Swaroop has been treating me and I have walked around 7,000 kms so far.

From a point where I was considering to get surgery to walking without support or medicine. I walk with confidence.

I am really grateful to Dr. Shakti Swaroop ??

Kiran Verma

Has a problem with my right shoulder where It was in pain constantly. Dr Shakti diagnosed it correctly and after proper medication now my shoulder is back to normal.
I would recommend Dr Shakti for any orthopaedic issues as he is really good in getting to the root of the issue.
Also listens to the patient properly with patience which is rare nowadays.

Saswat Sahoo

Dr. Shakti Swaroop combines expertise with personal touch during consultations. He is a very go-to person and is very approachable whenever any medical advice is needed. His quality of willingness to listen and discuss thoroughly before providing advice is very admired. I have already recommended his name to many friends and relatives, who also echo my feedback provided.

Swgat Sahoo

It’s a wonderful experience to be treated under Dr. Shakti Swaroop Sir. I met an accident in the year 2016. He took the case of mine. It was a trimalleolar fracture in my right ankle. For Last 7 years implants were in my right ankle. It was finally removed by Shakti Swaroop Sir in July 2023. I am completely fit and fine. I have no words to express my gratitude towards Shakti Sir. Such a humble personality and with a lot of experience. I will remain grateful towards you sir forever. Thank you so much sir.


Dr Shakti Swaroop is one of the finest orthopaedic surgeons in Bhubaneswar who can be trusted for minor to major problems related to Orthopaedics. I consulted him for my mother’s long standing right knee related problems and he provided best resolution and cure to the problem. He performed medial meniscus surgery which was absolutely effective and resolved the problem from grassroot level. Now my mother is fine and doesn’t have concerns in walking or going upstairs whatsoever.

Really thankful to Dr. Swaroop for handling our case with utmost precision and accuracy. Forever indebted for his services.

Thanks again!!

Biswajit Das

Very well diagnosed and treated by Dr. Shakti. ” Master of his Craft “. Much recommended.

Vivek Routaray

If someone is going through any kind of joint problem then I would definitely recommend to consult with Dr. Shakti Swaroop sir. Because my mother was going through severe pain in her ankle joint, knee joint and hip joint. We consulted with many doctors regarding this matter. But no one could detected what is the reason about this severe pain. So, then we consulted with Dr. Shakti Swaroop sir. Under his consultation we got to know that my mother is going through osteoporosis.  Now my mother is taking all the medicines under his medication and she is feeling much better than before what she was going through. All thanks to Dr. Shakti Swaroop sir!!!! The most important thing about Dr. Shakti Swaroop sir is that he listens to the patient very deeply and carefully about what problem a person is facing. So that’s why definitely I would like to recommend to consult with Dr. Shakti Swaroop sir for those who are going through any kind of orthopaedic disease.

Debasmita Pattanayak

Patient's Testimonial:

A complex debilitating fracture lisfranc which is often ignored and managed conservatively leading to arthritis of foot and inability to bear weight.
However correct diagnosis and treatment with a foot ankle specialist leads to best results

She is a mother of an orthopedic surgeon working in Delhi. She was adviced plaster cast and injury was ignored. However he consulted his peers in delhi who suggested surgery and i was fortunate enough to be the one to operate. Now at 2 months she is walking comfortably without any support.

Lisfranc is commonly missed and ignored she was lucky to be guided in the right direction because most patients are difficult to convince because it is not a major long bone fracture and they can initially walk with heel. However for normal walking these injuries need to be managed perfectly.

Foot & ankle Problem
Foot & ankle Problem

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