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Understanding the Root Causes of Foot Pain – Treatment & More with Footankleortho

Suffering from foot pain? It is a common complain that patients come to me with. At foot and ankle ortho we try to assess the root cause of your foot pain which can linger for many years. Yes we do a large number of people coming with chronic foot pain and we achieve great success in treating there pain.

Forefoot Pain

Foot pain can be divided into forefoot pain where the toes or the ball of your toes are painful. Multiple causes can be responsible. I will mention a few:

  1. Gout – due to an increase in uric acid you can develop sudden onset foot pain.
  2. Arthritis – due to the wear and tear of your joints in toes you can get pain.
  3. Deformity – due to curved or bent toes, you can get pain in your toes.
  4. Foot wear – due to poor foot wear you can get toe pain or forefoot pain.
  5. Chronic fractures – fractures can be commonly missed in toes and lead to long standing pain.
  6. Fungal infections – toe nail infections can cause pain.
  7. Ingrowing toe nails- toe nails can grow into the sides of your toes and can cause pain.
  8. Callosity – repeated stress can cause painful callosity in your toes.
  9. Postural pain – wearing heels can over load your toes and cause pain.
  10. Weakness – a weakness in your foot that causes fatigue pain in your toes as they are overworked.

These are a few of the many causes of pain in your forefoot. All the above causes are treatable and you must visit a foot and ankle specialist to treat these conditions.

Midfoot Pain

The pain in the middle part of your foot has again many causes and we will discuss a few below.

  1. Flat foot – over load of midfoot causes pain in the midfoot arches.
  2. Tibialis posterior tendon pathology can cause pain in the middle part of the foot.
  3. Tarsal tunnel syndrome – sharp pain in the midfoot can be related to this nerve pain.
  4. Midfoot arthritis – wear and tear in the joints of your foot are painful.
  5. A spring ligament injury can be a significantly painful condition in your midfoot.
  6. High arched foot is a cause of pain as the distorted normal anatomy of the foot.
  7. Stress fractures (metatarsals) can be a cause of pain in the midfoot when you run or walk a lot.
  8. Cavus foot due to neurological weakness in foot is a cause of pain.
  9. Tibialis anterior tendinopathy is also a common cause of midfoot pain.
  10. Chronic lisfranc injury, which is commonly missed, is a major cause of pain in midfoot.

Hindfoot Pain

The above mentioned are a few causes of midfoot pain and can be treated at foot ankle ortho (Best Foot ankle specialist)

Hindfoot or heel pain is a bothersome condition and lasts months, but is treatable.

We will guide you to a few causes of pain in the heel region of your foot.

  1. Plantar fascia pain is very common and easily treatable without any injections. Many practitioners prefer injection but we treat patients without injection and our patients have gotten excellent results.
  2. Heel bone pain – attributed poor bone quality.
  3. Stress fracture at heel bone (calcaneum) is significantly painful.
  4. Calcaneum spur is a bony overgrowth which leads to severe pain in the heel.
  5. Insertional Achilles tendinopathy- it a very common problem again where most practitioners suggest injections that may lead to complete tendon tear.
  6. Retrocalcaneal bursa inflammation can cause unbearable pain while walking.
  7. Calf muscle tightness can cause heel pain due to postural reasons.
  8. Tendon achilles complete tear is extremely painful and patients need immediate treatment.
  9. Sublatar arthritis can be a very painful condition where walking becomes painful.
  10. Peroneal tendon pathology is also a very commonly missed condition


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We have tried to guide you in the right direction and encourage you to get rid of your pain with the right super specialist for foot pain and ankle pain. General orthopedics are sometimes not aware of the exact cause of pain and the treatment fails because the condition is not diagnosed accurately. However, we provide you with the opportunity to guide you to the right direction.

In case you have a concern or query, you can always consult an expert Ortho Specialist with Dr. Shakti Swaroop & get answers to your questions!