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Ankle sprains are very common. Very commonly a lot of patients come to us with ankle sprain by 70% of the respond to rest, ice and compression with elevated limb. Rest for a week or two and analgesics are enough to get you back to your foot pain free. However sometimes the ligament injury is evident by the amount of swelling and large amount pain with inability to bear weight.

footankle ligament injury repair
Footankle Ligament Injury Repair

If you’re able to bear weight on the ankle without a lot of difficulty highly unlikely that you have a fracture. However, the same is not the same in patients with diabetes or neuropathy damage in legs as they do not feel much pain and able to bear weight even with a fracture (Charcot joint).
Important Markers

  1. If your joint is too much swollen and you are not able to put weight on the ankle most likely you have a fracture or a ligament injury
  2. If you had a noise when your ankle was twisting you may have a fracture or a ligament injury
  3. If you are not able to get rid of pain even after 2 weeks of your ankle twisting you are likely to have a fracture or a ligament tear.
  4. If you are feeling your joint is unstable or giving way you most likely have a ankle instability due to ligament injury
  5. If your pain is persisting even after proper rest and immobilization then you need to see a doctor immediately.
Keep these 5 major points in your mind when you twist your ankle next time which is very common.

How to treat is again very controversial. However we always try to manage first with rest and physio initially then if the problem persists which can be pain or instability, can be treated with surgery which can be done through minimally invasive arthroscopy and laser. We can get you back to normal ankle and regular life back with proper treatment of ankle twisting.
If not seeking treatment ankle joint can be damaged permanently and can lead to arthritis. So let’s seek the right advice from a foot ankle expert and remain problem free.

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